Impact-Based Strategy Planning and Implementation

Impact-based strategic planning and management is a key component to organizational governance and accountability.

While traditional strategic planning focuses on vision, long-term goals and objectives, our approach works with leadership and staff to understand why the organization matters. We analyze impact toward making a difference in people’s lives, and use targeted and measurable indicators to assess progress over time.

Travis is a Canadian pioneer in public sector-based impact-based strategic planning dating back to the early 1990s. He has helped dozens of organizations across Canada and the North – including the Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs and the Kwanlin Dün First Nation – transition to impact-based governance.

A strategic plan is not very useful if it sits on the proverbial shelf, gathering dust. We help with implementation – from business planning to budgeting, workplans to quarterly stewardship reviews – using data to breathe life into your organization’s strategic direction.

“Impacts speak to why an organization matters. Activities and outputs simply speak to what an organization does, a minor form of accountability at best. Measurable and targeted results assess organizational performance; activities do not.”

Impact-Based Evaluations – Organization and Program/Service

We design and implement evaluations to allow you to determine whether a program or your organization is effectively achieving measurable impacts and to identify where work processes can be enhanced or streamlined.

Our approach is holistic and reflects a systems approach, which recognizes that your organization often operates within very complex situations and related systems. We focus on how programs evolve and create positive change.

We will work with your team to design an evaluation plan based on logic models and evaluation matrices, ensuring that the methodology is aligned with your evaluation questions. Our approach also uses a practical combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to  and ensure a full and rich representation of your organization’s landscape.

Our team has a strong foundation in traditional and innovative evaluation techniques. We use validated research methods, such as interviews, online surveys, focus groups, documentation reviews, web analytics, case studies, SenseMaker and Participatory Action Research, which draw upon the community’s knowledge and encourage the building of partnerships and “leaders at all levels.”

Our approach to evaluation is grounded in organizational culture, scientific rigor and a collaborative work style. Following the evaluation, we will provide your team with a clear set of conclusions and recommendations on where and how to improve.

The final report will provide your team with a clear set of conclusions and recommendations on where and how to improve.


Governance can be described as the ‘art of steering’ an organization. A key part of governance is helping Boards and executive teams identify and agree to strategic directions that are impact-based and reflect the values of the people you serve.

Practical governance is also rooted in performance metrics that allow leaders to effectively steward the organization and demonstrate accountability for performance.

Aside from strategic planning and management, governance is also about how an organization makes decisions. This involves examining Board roles and responsibilities – particularly in relationship to Administration – and how leaders conduct themselves as role models for the organization and their communities.

We have extensive experience assisting Boards and executive teams enhance their effectiveness. We will work to professionally assess your organization’s capacity for governance, and provide recommendations and strategies for action.

Policy Development

We have developed dozens of  programs and policies in a wide variety of areas, from human resources to social assistance to community emergency response plans.

Feasibility & Socio-Economic Studies

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