Our consulting philosophy is grounded in the concepts of teamwork, understanding organizational culture, partnership, service and quality. We understand the realities of the North, including its diversity of cultures.

Our solutions are practical, fact-based and explained in plain-language. We strive to form long-term partnerships with our clients by listening to and understanding your unique situation and needs, and delivering on time what we agreed to.

StrategyNorth donates to Kwanlin Dün’s From Our Hearts Society

With our experience and knowledge of First Nations cultures, traditions and histories, we are well-positioned to understand the unique needs and dreams of self-governing First Nations, and to work with communities in a way that is engaging, respectful and supportive.

Effective communication is a top priority. We know that even the best advice is useful only if it is presented clearly and in a way that ‘tells the story’. We take pride in our ability to translate and summarize complex theories and jargon into concepts that clients can easily understand and value. Our writing is professional: concise, clear, in plain language and error-free.

We know that meeting agreed-to deadlines is essential. Our reputation is based on providing extremely well-written and researched work, on time. We draw on evidence-based, theoretical approaches, and we are conversant in new methodologies and tools such as results-based management, systems theory and SenseMaker.

In terms of project management, we provide our clients with bi-weekly status reports to ensure that everyone is up-to-speed on our progress, and to provide a regular opportunity for feedback, input or direction.



We guarantee the quality of our work:

if you are not satisfied, no invoice.

Exceptional analysis. Exceptional writing. Exceptional presentation.